Lessons Learned: College Edition

In this post I will share all the things I wish I knew before I got to college, among others as well. Everyone who goes to college has that list of lessons they learned after starting….I am sure every single one of them wish they had learned this before starting so they saved time and the embarrassment of failing in order to learn.

1. You wish you knew?

I wish I knew about the laundry rooms…. so my first week here I went during a very busy time and embarrassed myself because I had no clue how to get the machine to work. While trying to figure it out, I not only put soap and my clothes in, I also started pushing buttons….someone started the machine for themselves while I had it set up for myself. I thought I had got it to work and I went to sit down to wait for my clothes. The girl who paid for the washing machine walked to my machine and opened it while my clothes were washing, I thought she was about to take my clothes so I freaked out and was like “what are you doing?” She asked me if they were my clothes and I said yes and she said she paid for this washer and that it was rude of me to use even though she paid for it. I was like oh no….I explained that I didn’t know how to get it started and she smiled and was so nice and forgiving even though I was probably sooooo rude. I ended up paying for her washer since she paid for mine and she showed me how to pay and start the washers. I don’t think it would have been as embarrassing if the laundry room wasn’t full…. I wish there was a way to explain the whole laundry room situation before hand so I could have avoided that whole situation.

2. Biggest school lesson learned.

In my first semester all my classes besides one was mass lecture. I am not one to want to sit in the front so that I don’t get called on in class so I tend to sit in the back corners. Well I also realized how easy it got to just stay on pinterest and facebook or even online shopping while in the back and so in my biggest lecture (407 students) I ended up not knowing anything that was taught. I spent more time on pinterest than taking notes and listening. I learned NOT to do that. In the other classes I got lucky and made out with a high B, but in the biggest lecture I ended with a low C, high D….NOT exactly what I planned but Lesson learned!

3. The one thing nobody tells you about.

The one thing no one told me until after I experienced it was to not buy your books until after the first class. Both this semester and last semester I bought my books and the first semester I got lucky and we actually used all of them, this semester that is not the case. Only one of my classes uses the assigned reading. By the time I realized we would not be using those books it was to late to sell back to the campus bookstore so I have a stack of books I do not need in my floor…

4. Class tips I thought were unnecessary until I started.

My aunts who went to college before my time told me a few tips for studying and essay writing.

  • Don’t study on your bed but in a place that is comfortable but not to comfortable.
  • Don’t have anything that could be distracting while reading or studying.
  • When essay writing don’t go to the library.

They told me several more but these are the most used tips. The first exam I had my first semester I studied for it while being in my PJ’s covered up in bed with tons of pillows around. I had my study guide that had 42 topics to study and I ended up only studying 2. I was so comfortable I fell asleep while studying. I got lucky and passed the exam but now I never study in my bed, but instead I study in the library or at my desk. The next lesson learned from the tip was do not have distractions while reading. This one can be applied to studying to but mostly reading for me. I love to read. I read ALL the time, but if I have to read something for an assignment I don’t want to. I kinda feel like that little kid who loves to clean but when told to clean, they won’t. That is me but just with reading. I still do all my reading assignments but I do it unwilling. Because I don’t want to I easily get distracted. I one time got distracted by a paper clip on my desk. A paper clip. And the reading wasn’t even that long, I think it was like 12 pages! SOOOOO now I only ever read in a clean, organized area. This last one I thought was really silly. I was not sure why all my aunts told me this one until I started writing my term paper first semester. I sat down had all my notes, all my writing tools and my laptop to type my paper. I sat in the library for two hours and ended with only my heading on the page. Nothing got done. I later texted my aunt and asked why she told me not to write in the library and she explained that they knew how I am. They told me not to write in the library because it is to quiet for me. I have always liked a lot going on and so in those situations I get the juices flowing. After she explained that for me, I can’t write in a quiet space but my cousin can, she has to have it quiet. So I came back to my room turned on my music, and started writing. To add to the crazy I had my roommate watching Tangled (yes the Disney movie) in the background. My five page essay was done in 45 minutes and I got a 92 on it.

5. The best advice received on…

This one is actually kind of very girly and not necessarily connected to school but if you live on campus it does somewhat apply. I got told when planning how to arrange my dorm room to have your desk facing away the rest of the room. I didn’t understand until I got in my room. My room is the normal size I guess and it has tons of furniture in it. I was going to loft my bed and stick my desk under it but I was told not to because it will work better to have my desk set up to where I wont be facing the room. My desk is like a private little area because I am not looking at all the chaos in the room. I can turn away from my roommate when she has friends over and I can still get my stuff done. I face the window so I get my view and everything that goes along with natural light. It is overall the best advice for college that I have had.


That is 5 of the many lessons I learned after starting college. Remember all my lessons may not be the same experience for you but could just be something funny for your day. Always remember to keep on smiling, it will either make someones day or Piss’em off 😉 Keep smiling!

– Chloe!

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